People Training for Dogs

Oct 31 - Dec 12
Nov 3 - Dec 8
Nov 4 - Dec 9 (Continued)

Ages 18+

Does your dog take you for a walk or run away when you call them? This educational class teaches you how to recognize and control problems before they become unmanageable. Your dog learns to heel, sit, down, stay, stand for a veterinary exam, and come when called. Dogs five months or older are welcome. 

$130 R / $150 NR
$105 R / $125 NR (Continued)
Wheaton Park District Community Center


Oct 27-Dec 1 - Adults
Oct 30-Dec 4 - Kids

Ages 9+

Discover the equestrian world with beginning riding lessons and experience in horse handling, grooming and tacking. Lessons are held in heated arena during inclement weather. 

$150 R / $170 NR
Dunham Woods Farm