Ages 6-10

ActivKids Full-Day Remote Learning Childcare

Full-day Remote and Hybrid Learning Childcare is available for students in all school districts! In this recreation-based program, students in Grades K-8 will participate in activities, games, crafts, and explore the outdoors when not actively engaged in their school work. For flexibility, After Care can be added to your child’s schedule for an additional fee. All details are subject to change.

Ballet 1 & 2

Ballet 1 - Jan 28 - May 20
Ages 6-8

Ballet 2 - Jan 27 - May 19
Ages 8+

These activities have already started, but registrations are still being accepted.

Class focuses on basic ballet techniques, with traditional barre and center work.

Private Swim Lessons for Kids & Adults

We add lessons monthly!
Age 3+

Next session begins in April and goes through May and June.

We have custom private and private swim classes.

Custom Private Swim Classes allow you to schedule based on your own time.

Private Swim classes follow a set Park District schedule.

Magic Class

VIRTUAL Apr 1 - Jun 1

This activity has already started, but registrations are still being accepted.

Amaze family and friends with quick-to-learn and easy-to-perform tricks that involve cards, ropes, coins, mindreading, and more. 

Hip Hop Dance

Apr 9 - May 28
Ages 6-12

This activity has already started, but registrations are still being accepted.

For boys and girls! Learn various hip hop dance moves with focus on new sets of combinations and mini routines in every class.

Musical Theatre Class

Apr 9 - May 28
Cinderella - Ages 3-6

This activity has already started, but registrations are still being accepted.

Acting exercises, vocal warmups, and dance moves to your favorite songs! Explore the characters through drama games, art projects, and more.

Irish Dance - for Beginners or Advanced (virtual)

Apr 10 - May 22 
Ages 5-18

This activity has already started, but registrations are still being accepted.

Discover the tradition and intricate choreography of Irish dance!

Basketball - All Star Sports

Apr 12 - May 24 - in progress

Instruction designed to teach game at basic level while keeping kids active and engaged. Fun games are played to teach the importance of skills learned.

Skills - ages 6-8
Junior - ages 4-6 


Apr 16 - Jun 25 - in progress
Ages 4-14

Learn the traditional style of Okinawan karate. Students develop coordination along with self-confidence, respect and a positive self-image. Parents can participate with their enrolled children for no additional charge.

Sullivan's Karate

Virtual Musical Instrument Lessons

May 1 - 22
Jun 1 -22

Ages 6+ Guitar, Piano
Ages 7 + Drums
Ages 10+ Clarinet & Saxophone

Kids Boot Camp

May 4 - 25
Jun 8 - 29 

Grades 3-5 and 6-8

This high-energy class strives to increase the overall health and fitness level of kids in a fun, positive and motivating environment by utilizing fitness games, bodyweight exercises, resistance bands, circuits and more.

Volleyball Skills and Drills

May 4 - 25 (outdoors)
Ages 8-14

Volleyball drills in setting, passing, overhand serving and spiking. Develop a good understanding of each position with the use of individual training, pairing drills and games.

Fencing - Advanced

May 5 - 26 
Ages 8+

Fencing develops coordination, builds strength, speed and endurance, requires good sportsmanship and builds quick decision making skills.

Ice Skating - Basic 1

May 5 - Jun 9
May 6 - Jun 24
May 8 - Jun 26

Ages 6-12

No formal instruction required. Learn 2-foot glides, 1-foot glides, forward and backward swizzles and backward wiggles.

Ice Skating - Beginner Hockey 1

May 5 - Jun 9
May 6 - Jun 24
May 8 - Jun 26

Ages 5-13

Learn basic forward and backward skating while wearing hockey equipment. Hockey skates and hockey helmet are required. Hockey stick optional.

Speed Training

May 10 - Jun 7
Jun 14 - Jul 7

Age 9-13

SPARQ stands for (speed, power, agility, reaction and quickness). Focus is on proper speed mechanics, vertical ability and multi-directional movement for junior athletes.

Blackline Athletic

Tee Ball League

May 10 - Jun 26
Ages 4-6
Preschool & Kindergarten

Registration includes uniform. Please use the registration code for the grade your child is in during the 2021-2022 school year. Volunteer coaches needed. Practices and games are one day a week Monday-Thursday and Saturday.

Golf Lessons

May 11 - 27
Juniors - Ages 8-16

Lessons focus on basic swing, chipping, putting, and pitching techniques.

Volleyball Camp

May 17 - 20
May 24 - 27

Ages 7-9, 10-11, 12-14

EVP professionals focus on the fundamentals of passing, setting and spiking in this 4-day camp. Kids improve hand/eye coordination and left/right coordination through the use of fun drills and games. Kids reach new skill levels through self-mastery training, giving them a head start on the next season of volleyball.

Glitzy Girls - Spring Awakening Mom & Me Tea

May 21
Ages 3-10

Design and decorate an adorable teapot planter perfect for a flower together and bracelets/keychains with charms. Each couple is provided their own kit with supplies just for them to take home for more fun. A keepsake surprise is provided.

Cinderella - Small Group Play

May 24 - July 31
Ages 5 - 13

Join us as we escape into the fairy tale world of Cinderella. This cast of 24 participants audition on Monday, May 24 to be assigned their part in the performance. Rehearsals take place on Mondays and Wednesdays from June 2, through July 28. Dres's rehearsal will be scheduled for July 30 and the final performance is at Fountain View Recreation Center on Saturday, July 31. Current restrictions allow for the purchase of 2 audience tickets per participant household. Costumes to be provided by cast members, Miss Rachel offers suggestions on what pieces are needed for each part.

Awesome Adventure Summer Camp

Starting May 27
Grades K-6

Full-day camp with extended care available. With a variety of fun activities each day, we’ll keep your child excited about the camp experience all summer long. Our counselors are great role models and their top priority is to provide a safe place for your child to have an active, rewarding summer. Our goal is to provide a summer filled with memories that last a lifetime!

Workshops to Refine Gymnastics Skills

A variety of workshops are being offered to gymnasts who want to refine and practice more advanced skills.

Advanced Flip Clinic, Ages 8+
Jun 1 - Aug 3

Cartwheels & Back Walkovers Workshop 
Ages 6-13
Jun 3 - 24

Flexibility & Strength, Ages 6-10, 11-18
Jun 7 - Aug 9

Round Off & Flip Flop Workshop 
Ages 6-13
Jun 5 - 26

Gymnastics Level 1, 2, 3, 4

Jun 1 - Aug 3
Jun 2 - Aug 4
Jun 5 - Aug 7

Ages 6-14

Work on more skills and refine equipment skills and routines as you advance through each level.

Kinderbugs Gymnastics

Jun 1 - Aug 3
Jun 3 - Aug 5
Jun 5 - Aug 7

Ages 5-6

Kinderbugs introduces kindergartners to our gymnastics program. This class is designed to help little ones prepare for upper level gymnastics.


Jun 1 - Aug 3 (Ages 4-6)
Jun 5 - Aug 7 OUTDOORS (Ages 5-8)

This class is a nice introduction to dance, cheers, and more! Participants learn basic poms routines and dance skills.

Mini Hip Hop 1 & 2

Jun 1 - Aug 3
Ages 3 - 6

Learn the basics of hip hop moves to energetic, age appropriate songs. Kids improve motor skills, develop rhythm and enjoy interactive movement.

Tumbling Level 1

Jun 2 -Aug 4
Ages 6-14

Learn basic tumbling skills and develop balance and strength. Gymnastics equipment is not used.

Boys Gymnastics

Jun 2 - Aug 4
Ages 6-14

Focus on tumbling progressions and basic skills are taught on parallel bars, high bar, vault and pommel horse.

Princess Dance Party Outdoors

Jun 2 - Aug 4
Ages 2 - 6

Dancers practice basic ballet, jazz and creative movement. Dress as your favorite princess and get ready for a party with Miss Paige! Location: McCaslin Park Picnic Shelter.

Ballet 1 & 2

Jun 3 - Aug 5
Ages 6 - 12

Ballet for beginning level dancers with the focus on basic ballet techniques, traditional barre and center work. Rhythms and patterns are taught through repetitive combinations and musical awareness.

Super Smash Bros Tournament

Jun 4
Ages 8-14

Players compete in a socially distant esports round-robin tournament ending in a single-elimination bracket and compete for prizes.  


Jun 5 - Aug 7
Ages 4-6, 7-10

Rising cheerleaders starting at 4 years through 10 can learn the skills they need for the high school team. 

Gymnastics for Siblings

Jun 5 - Aug 7
Ages 3-12

Younger children learn from watching an older sibling as a good example. Older kids gain confidence and learn by helping a younger sibling learn new skills.


Jun 5 - Jul 10
Ages 9-17

Discover the equestrian world with beginning riding lessons and experience in horse handling, grooming and tacking.

Teenie Weenie Breakfast with Cody

Jun 5
Ages 1+

Cody the Coyote is excited to kick off the mini golf season with a special breakfast with his Teenie Weenie friends. Enjoy a round of mini golf, breakfast, a visit with Cody and more!

Price is per person, all attendees must be registered.

Register by May 26 to save. Registration closes June 2.

New! TumblTrack Workshop

Jun 5 - 26
Ages 6-13

Learn front and back aerials both with and without twists. Participants must be able to complete a round off back handspring without a spotter in order to participate in this workshop.

Youth Basketball League

Jun 6 - Aug 8
Ages 7 - 11
Boys Basketball League
Girls Basketball League

League consists of an 8-game regular season. Games are played on Sundays against other Carol Stream teams and surrounding communities. Practices are scheduled by the coach on one weeknight during the season and are scheduled to start week of May 24. T-shirts will be provided.

K-3 Outdoor Camp

Jun 7 - Aug 13
Weekly - Mon/Wed/Fri
9:30 - 11:30 am
Kindergarten to 3rd Grade
Hampe Park

Join us for an outdoor summer camp for younger children. Participants play outside at Hampe Park playgrounds and fields and enjoy various outdoor games. For your convenience, week-by-week sign up is available. In case of inclement weather, camp will be held at Fountain View Recreation Center.

Learn Spanish!

I Speak Spanish for Kids!
Jun 15 - Jul 6 (in person)
Ages 3-6

Vamanos Youth Spanish Camp
Jun 7 - 9
Ages 5 - 11

Kids are immersed in the Spanish language through fun and educational activities and music.

Jazz 1 & 2

Jun 7 - Aug 9
Age 6 - 16

Practice various hip hop dance moves with focus on learning a new set of combinations and mini routines in every class.

Kinderdance - Ballet/Jazz

Jun 7 - Aug 9
Ages 5 - 6

Kindergarteners learn the dance disciplines of ballet and jazz in a fun, active environment. Develop technique, strength, flexibility, coordination, rhythm and class etiquette.

Hip Hop 1 & 2

Jun 7 - Aug 9
Age 6 - 11 

Practice various hip hop dance moves with focus on learning a new set of combinations and mini routines in every class.

Vámanos Youth Spanish Camp

Jun 7 - 9
Ages 5 - 11

Get your passport ready and take off with us as we start our summer vacation! Children make their own "passports" and have them "stamped" in each Spanish-speaking country that we explore! Students discover the unique culture in each country, while learning some Spanish words and songs! Come join the fun and adventure. Taught by Language in Action, Inc.

Outdoor Grease Theatre Camp

Jun 7 - 11
Age 7 - 13

Learn the songs that everyone loves from Grease: School Version. Throughout the week participants practice their lines and songs, culminating in a final performance on the last day of camp.

Volleykidz Camp

Jun 7 - 10
Ages 8-10, 11-14

The 4-day camp concentrates on the fundamentals of passing, setting, spiking and overhand serve. The lesson plan directs the use of self-mastery training that helps each student reach a new level.

Fiesta Time - Make Your Own Mini Piñata!

Jun 10
Ages 4 - 11

Kids can celebrate summer by decorating their own mini piñata while singing songs in Spanish, learning Spanish words, and discovering the Mexican culture. All material is included. Taught by Language in Action, Inc. instructor.

Mini-Hawk & Skyhawk Multi-Sport Camps

Jun 14 - 18
Ages 4-7 Mini-Hawk
Ages 6-12 Skyhawk

Kids learn the basics of 3 different sports. The camp focuses on Soccer, Baseball and Track. This wide ranging camp allows all participants to try different sports to test their interest levels.

G3X Soccer Camp

Jun 14 - 18
Ages 6-14

G3X Soccer Camps bring professional coaching to the game of soccer. Camp includes skills, drills, scrimmages, speed and agility, and more!

New! Zoom Creative Writing for Kids

Jun 16 - Jul 7
Ages 7 - 12

Kids use their own natural talent of creativity and imagination to learn how to effectively develop and write their own stories. Each session covers different activities and topics. Taught by Language in Action, Inc. instructor live on Zoom.

New! Zoom I Speak Italian - Live

Jun 16 - Jul 7
Ages 7 - 11

Join us right from your living room as we explore new cultures and learn the Italian language via the interactive Zoom platform! Taught live by a Language in Action, Inc. instructor.

In-House Soccer Tournament

Jun 19-20
U10, U12, U14 - Coed & Girls
Ages 8 - 13

Compete against the best the area has to offer in an end-of- the-year soccer tournament. Teams must consist of in-house players only. Tournament will be 3-game guarantee.

Father's Day Fishing Derby

Jun 20
8:30 - 11 am

Start Father's Day off right by bringing Dad to the annual Fishing Derby at Bierman Park. Enjoy a light breakfast by the pond and try to catch the 'big one'. Prizes to be awarded to participants who catch the largest fish in each of the age categories (including dads!). Bring your own fishing poles, bait and hooks. Catch and release is to be practiced.

Check in begins at 8:00am, fishing concludes at 11:00am. Due to COVID guidelines award ceremony may be livestreamed.

All participants must register. There is no fee for fathers.

Beginning Piano Lessons

Jun 21 - Aug 16 
Ages 6-8

Basic music skills such as keyboard facility, music reading and counting will be taught using colorful fun songs.

New! Zoom I Speak French - Live

Jun 21 - Jul 12
Ages 7 - 11

Join us right from your living room as we explore new cultures and learn the French language via the interactive Zoom platform! Taught live by a Language in Action, Inc. instructor.

Beginning Drum Lessons

Jun 22 - Aug 10
Ages 8-14

Classes teach the basic rudiments, percussion style notation, drum set basics and various musical styles.

Glitzy Girls - Daddy/Daughter Summer Kickoff Night

Jun 25
Ages 3 - 10

Design and decorate a ceramic TeaCup Flower Planter. Paints, stamps, glitter glues and embellishments provided. Then design a summer anklet/bracelet, accompanied by flower and butterfly charms and assorted beads. A surprise activity tops the evening for the girls by their dads! 

Youth Dodgeball League

Jul 9 - Aug 20
Grades 2-8

Teams compete in the regular season (2 games each day).

Youth Soccer - 3 v 3 League

Jul 12 - Aug 2
Grades 1-8

Teams will compete in a 8 game regular season (2 games each day). Teams can consist of up to 4 players. You can register as a team, but must register individually. Players must register for the grade level they are in for the 2021-2022 school year.

Tee Ball - All Star Sports

Aug 3 - Sept 18
Ages 4-6

Players work on hand-eye coordination while learning the basic mechanics of batting, catching, throwing, fielding and base running. Equipment: Glove

Youth Baseball & Softball League

Aug 7 - Oct 23
Ages 6-15

Practices and games are scheduled Monday through Saturday. Sunday may be used for additional practices and make up games. Local travel maybe required at all levels, and home games will be played in Carol Stream.

Youth Soccer League

Aug 21 - Oct 16

Grades Pre/K-8

Teams participate in a 6-week season. Each week consists of 30 minutes of practice time and 60 minutes of games. Teams can consist of 3-5 players.

Indoor Youth Basketball
3-on-3 League

Sep 11 - Oct 2
Grades 1-8

Teams will compete in a 8 game regular season (2 games each day). Teams can consist of up to 4 players. You can register as a team, but must register individually. Players must register for the grade level they are in for the 2021-2022 school year.

Youth Volleyball League

Sep 14 - Nov 18
Grade 5-8

The season includes at least 1 practice per week, a 6-game season against intervillage league teams and  concludes with a post-season tournament.